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Mission Statement:
International High School will provide a safe and challenging environment that fosters diversity, academic excellence, a spirit of imaginative and independent thinking in order to develop informed, confident and compassionate students who are ready to take their place as contributing members of a global society.

We are committed to the following Goals:

● To ensure social and racial equality for all students so that no one is denied the opportunity to achieve
his/her maximum potential.

● To provide every candidate with equal access to high level coursework and extracurricular opportunities that
will help them to identify their strengths and their interests and to formulate their goals.

● To stimulate deep thinking and to hone problem-solving skills through student-centered instruction.

● To cultivate a high level of self-actualization where students take responsibility for their actions and their

● To provide a safe and challenging environment in which students will be equipped with the knowledge and
skills required for life in the 21st Century.

● To foster diversity, respect for others and a commitment to the betterment of mankind.

Vision Statement:

International High School is committed to developing motivated, high-achieving students who will evolve as global citizens and transition beyond the classroom into the college and career of their choosing.

Educational Philosophy:

The educational philosophy of International High School is to provide students the opportunity to be actively engaged in the learning process while exploring, respecting and celebrating diversity. It is further understood that high performance standards and expectations will set and define the school culture as school governance is shared collaboratively among students, staff and parents. Community service will enrich the experience upon which learning is built. Fluency in a second language will be the resource for students, school and society. Therefore, our graduates will develop the capacity to be life-long learners. They will make appropriate life and career choices through their active involvement in a wide variety of cultural and educational experiences provided by the school and ultimately, the community.